Staff details orientation plans for students coming back


Brian Vanish

Senior Sonia Yost works to unpack boxes in the new journalism room B130. Yost works with Wanda Vanish for community service and spent three days helping to get the room ready for students.

Myah Lear, Reporter

Many people are wondering what orientation is going to be like for the students. Orientation week is during Nov. 9 through Nov. 14. On Monday and Tuesday, students did not attend any Zoom or Google Meet classes. There is no school on Wednesday due to Veteran’s Day. Seniors and juniors will attend orientation on Thursday and sophomores and freshmen will attend orientation on Friday.

During Monday and Tuesday, students did asynchronous work that was assigned.

“You are asynchronous because teachers will be busy setting up their rooms and participating in the orientations. Therefore, they will not be able to provide synchronous learning sessions,” assistant principal Shane Cowher said.

Anyone who rides a bus should have gotten an email giving them the information.

“Transportation should be set up for students, but they can transport themselves,” Cowher said.

There will not be a normal bell schedule for the orientation days.

Student will follow this schedule Thursday and Friday. (Wanda Vanish)

“We will have class meetings with the principals in the morning, followed by guided tours of the buildings, lunch and then students will attend periods five through eight,” Cowher said.

Teachers and principals do think that orientation will be good for the students.

“Half of our students have never had classes in the high school, the other half have never had classes in the B building. It is important that all students get to experience the building before classes begin,” head principal Andrew Neely said.

Students also believe that this experience will be helpful to them.

“We can get an idea of what it’s going to be like and where things are before going into school,” sophomore Kalissa Geist said.

However, there is not a definite plan in place for the rest of the year after orientation.

“When we closed last March, no one knew how long we would be out. We just don’t know how the virus will affect us,” Cowher said.

There will be precautions taken against COVID-19 during orientation and when students go back to attending live school.

“Students will get temperature checks daily, they will wear masks at all times and they will socially distance as much as possible. We will have staggered dismissals and one way traffic in the halls to alleviate hallway congestion,” Cowher said.

Teachers and principals also recommend preparing before going back to school.

“Start getting back into a routine. Go to bed at a normal hour, and start getting used to getting up and getting ready for school,” Cowher said.

There is a door that students are meant to go through so students know exactly what to do.

“Students will all enter the front entrance of the new building. From that point, we tell students where to go for their class meetings. Then, students will be escorted to their reporting rooms for the rest of the morning activities,” Cowher said.