Fetter expresses love for journalism

Jocelyn Fetter talks about importance of journalism to her


Ben Blackie

Scavenger hunt Jocelyn Fetter and Layla Shelow pose with the lion statue as they take photos for a scavenger hunt competition. Fetter’s team won the friendly competition.

Olivia McMinn, Guest Reporter

Many opportunities exist for those interested in journalism at the high school. A school newspaper and yearbook exist at both the junior and senior high, which encourages students to be excited and involved in the publication in depth programs.  

Senior Jocelyn Fetter is the editor in chief at the Horseshoe; her job is to oversee the yearbook staff. She looks for errors and offers her advice to fix them using her journalism skills. 

As a freshman, Fetter was the opinion editor for the junior high school’s newspaper, “Livewire”. Her sophomore year she was a content editor; this means she would help to look over stories and edit them. 

My junior year I joined yearbook and was also in newspaper. I became the design editor where I helped people come up with content ideas for their pages and kind of just made sure everything flowed smoothly,” Fetter said. 

Now, as a senior, she is editor in chief at the yearbook. 

My job is to oversee what everyone does on the yearbook staff, offer help where I can, keep things consistent throughout the book, and use my journalism knowledge to help fix errors in writing or captions and help provide advice to help others around me grow and learn,” Fetter said. 

Rising to this position did not happen overnight. 

“I worked my way up the chain and dedicated so much of my time into what I was passionate about,” Fetter said. 

Her journalism passion started in eighth grade when a teacher recommended she go to a meeting for Wanda Vanish’s class. 

I have always liked writing whenever I was younger, but I never really thought about taking newspaper,” Fetter said. 

Through her journalism career, her mom has been her biggest influence. Her mom encourages her and helps her more than anyone else. 

“My mom has had my back through absolutely everything, she will forever support me in any way I need her to. I hope to one day be half the woman my mom is. She is the most amazing and kind hearted person I have ever met and I love her with my whole heart, she is truly my best friend,” Fetter said. 

Fetter is proud of the work she does for the yearbook. She is proudest of the work she did in the 2019-2020 yearbook. 

“A lot of people have no idea what goes on behind the scenes and don’t know how stressful it can be on the staff. We had a lot of roadblocks, and we overcame so many things together as a team. We truly put out such an amazing book,” Fetter said. 

Fetter is passionate about journalism, and it is something that she finds as an important part of who she is. 

“Journalism is something that has helped me grow into the person I am today. I have spent four years now being a journalist; I am in two publication classes. It has helped me learn so much about myself and about things around me. It has taught me so many people skills, made me a better writer and helped me find my own writing voice which can be very hard for people our age,” Fetter said. 

In her future, she hopes to attend either Penn State University or St. Francis University. 

“I hope to become an elementary school teacher. I have always wanted to be a teacher, and the great teachers I have in my life have influenced me to want to make a change in someone’s life the way that they have changed mine (in the best way)!” Fetter said. 

Fetter’s job at the yearbook is something that she enjoys and is very passionate about. It has taught her a lot and she thinks it has changed and helped her in the best ways possible. Fetter’s hard work and dedication throughout the years working in publications has benefited her greatly.