Indoor track team prepares for meets


Ben Blackie

Getting ready. Senior Chadric (Flarend) gets ready to pole vault during a 2020 winter meet. There will only be two meets this season.

Leiya Resig, Guest Writer

On Jan.  4, 2021 Governor Tom Wolf lifted the ban on high school athletics. If everything goes as planned there should be two upcoming meets in the state championship. 

There was the delay of the season because of the governor’s directive, so really that’s the main obstacle we’ve faced. I think the team works hard to prepare for upcoming meets with the workouts we do. Even though we might not have meets until the outdoor season, we just have to stay positive and look forward to the spring when there will be more opportunity for us to compete again,” senior Sarah Graham said. 

Athletes continue to practice to prepare in the halls at school, at Mansion Park, on the many hills in Altoona and around Altoona.

“We will go anywhere to practice; it’s just the nature of the sport,” coach Mike Adams said. 

Adams said his athletes are mentally tough from practicing in rain and cold weather. 

“Our kids don’t worry about the cold, rain or snow when we compete like other athletes from other teams do,”  Adams said.

“There have definitely been some challenges that our team has had to overcome. We have not had an indoor season with competitions. We’ve just been practicing as a team together. It’s definitely hard because some of our teammates get put on quarantine, and we’re not altogether,” junior Mackenzie Kelly said. “It’s also tough that we’re not having meets or competing. We have been meeting as a team and working out to prepare for the upcoming meets. We’ve all been working hard if not with the team on our own to be prepared for the outdoor season. I think we are all very excited just to get back and out and on the track with our team again.”

Freshman George Jackson is very excited about returning to track. 

“I’m very excited for it to start back up. I’m ready to compete again. It is really exciting just thinking about it. Hopefully Covid doesn’t ruin it,” Jackson said. 

This is Jackson’s first year competing for the high school. In junior high Jackson didn’t like competing and practicing in the cold and rain. 

“It slows you down, and it’s really frustrating,  Jackson said.

” I can see where he is coming from. Practicing in the cold would be hard, but in the end it will make you stronger,”  Adams said.