Netflix series Grand Army reflects reality

Taryn Rowles, Guest Reporter

The Netflix TV series “Grand Army” should be on everyone’s watch list. Some people say the script writers were trying “ too hard” on trying to relate to Gen Z, but honestly they did a good job. 

The show covers a lot of topics like terrorism, politics, pranks, family issues, culture clashes, drug problems, sexual assault and other current teen issues. The show is for those who are 14 and up.

“Grand Army” is definitely worth watching putting life problems into perspective. 

Leila, in the show,  is one of those characters audiences have to watch. She sent out a threat to bomb the school in the last episode. No one is quite sure if she’s going to do it, but people who are mentally unstable would do or think of doing that kind of thing. In the show, she definitely was having a hard time, but the script and acting did not do a great job at expressing her inner anger and sadness. They should’ve put more effort into showcasing her mental health. Especially, because it’s about a lonely teenager who threatens to bomb a school. That’s serious. If you’re going to add that in a show, it needs to have a better explanation behind the characters actions.

One strength of the series is that it shows events that could happen in real life. A common theme in teenage shows these days tends to be sexual assault and bullying which usually isn’t showcased correctly or accurately. This show could be compared to “13 Reasons Why. Hanna Baker, among several other girls, got sexually assaulted by the “popular jock” at school. No one said anything about it. In the same show, Jessica also got sexually assaulted and when she spoke up no one believed her. That is what happened to Joey from “ Grand Army.  She battles through hate from people and the people who sexually assaulted her. Someone knows the truth, but no one has spoken up about it, which makes her feel isolated. Eventually the truth will get out. 

With sexual assault comes bullying from some people. Bullying happens in general for so many things. It’s good the script writers touched on the subjects it did and if people would watch it they might understand or be understanding of certain people’s situations.

Overall I give it a 4/5  star rating. Adults and teens should watch this show. Adults may get a better understanding of teenage society and teens might see that other people go through things no one knows about. This show overall is a great watch, and educates you on a  lot of topics.Go watch it !