Start with Hello plans for upcoming events


Abigail Shearer

Rush Hour, Students walk in the halls to get to their next class and pass Start with Hello posters. Students can find Start with Hellos are posted around the hallways throughout the school and on the digital screens.

Bryana Ayala, Reporter

The equity, inclusion and belonging squad is made up of teachers who are in charge of bringing the school body together. Start with Hello is an organization made to improve students’ feelings of belonging and inclusion at the school. On Sept. 23 the group is planning to ask students to write a letter of appreciation to teachers and other students who have positively impacted their lives.

“I think it’s really great because I think everybody appreciates a little shout out, and it’s important for everybody to stop and realize that there are people out there who are making their day better,” math teacher Natalie Trimmer said. 

The organization is planning a few small activities throughout the year.