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The Student News Site of Altoona Area High School

Mountain Echo

The Student News Site of Altoona Area High School

Mountain Echo

Turkey Bowl to kick off

Cassidy Klock
Let’s go AAHS Head principal Andrew Neeley and assistant principal Keri Harrington unite to watch the championship game of the Turkey Bowl event. Neeley dressed as a turkey in honor of the event’s name.

The Turkey Bowl will take place on Nov. 22. The Turkey Bowl is an annual powder puff football tournament held on the intramural field. Last year, the tournament took place over a span of two days, with the “All-star game” being played on the second day. This year, each game of the tournament will occur on the same day.

“This is the third year for the Turkey Bowl,” adviser Deidra Dumm said. “It started with a group of juniors and seniors a few years ago who said it would be fun to have a powder puff football game.”

This year, only juniors and seniors will be permitted to watch the tournament.

“It was always a junior and senior event,” Dumm said. “We attempted to make it an all school event last year, but there were just too many issues with crowd control.

Students who wish to spectate must purchase a ticket for $1 during lunch on Monday, Nov. 20 or Tuesday, Nov. 21.

“It was always meant to be a fundraiser, but last year we tried to do things differently. That kind of blew up in our faces, so we went back to requiring a dollar to go outside.”

Twelve teams are allowed entry into the tournament. Teams are composed of ten members with a minimum of seven girls and a maximum of three boys per team.

“It’s always been a powder puff game. We started allowing boys to play, at one point, simply because there were so many boys that were interested in helping,” Dumm said.

Teams are permitted to have up to three coaches. These positions are open to anyone who wishes and are chosen by a team captain.

“Most of the coaches are typically made up of the football team because the football players are not permitted to play,” Dumm said.

Last year, senior Aaliyah McGee was a member of a Turkey Bowl team.

“I think the practices before the actual Turkey Bowl game are more fun than the real thing,” McGee said. “It’s where you get to basically bond with your team.”

McGee is the captain of her own team this year. She and her team, like others, are working to prepare for the competition.

“We’re working on strategies we can use for [the Turkey Bowl],” McGee said.

Junior CJ Romanowicz is a member of McGee’s team. As he is a junior, this will be his first year participating in the tournament.

“I’m excited to be able to play with my friends. It gives me something fun and easy to do before Thanksgiving break,” Romanowicz said.

In previous years, the Turkey Bowl also consisted of a faculty game. This year, such games are no longer permitted.

“Last year at our faculty game, we had a severe injury,” Dumm said. “A teacher— Mr. Price — broke his leg.”

Dumm believes the Turkey Bowl game helps create a sense of community among the student body.

“We allow anyone to sign up, so it doesn’t have to be a specific group of kids. It doesn’t just have to be the athletes. Some kids come together from all over different cliques and groups,” Dumm said.

Junior Maddy Pastore also decided to create her own team this year.

“I created the team, but I just had to find some coaches,” Pastore said. “I just wanted to be in it because I just wanted to be in these kinds of things and it just felt like it would be a good experience.”

According to Dumm, the female competitors can get very aggressive and competitive. However, Pastore takes a more casual approach to the competition.

“It’s not about winning, it’s just about fundraising money and having fun,” Pastore said. “Some people take it too seriously and forget what it’s about.”

Senior Claire Piper also decided to participate in the Turkey Bowl this year. This is her first year competing in the tournament.

“Just with watching it last year, I thought that it would be super fun if I was able to join a team,” Piper said. “It’s senior year so I say why not do everything you can and get all of the experiences.”

Piper was a Homecoming representative for the Chorus this year. She is excited to be representing her school again in a different setting.

Team Roster

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turkeys
Turkin 9-5
Feast Mode
Remember the Turkeys
Hot Stuffin
Golden Gobblers
Turkey Jerky
Dashin Drumsticks
Tomorrow team
Autumn Fury
Twisted Turkeys


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Ryan Longstreth, Reporter
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Cassidy Klock
Cassidy Klock, Editor in Chief
Hello! I'm Cassidy Klock, and I am the Editor in Chief for the AAHS Mountain Echo. I've always had a passion for writing ever since I was a little girl, and I would constantly be writing stories no matter where I was. Other than being on the staff, other school activities I take part in include: Student Ambassadors, Executive Committee, Class President, Friends of Rachel and I was the HOBY leadership representative for my sophomore year. One of my biggest tasks this year I have taken on is developing a mindfulness curriculum with our school librarian, Tanya Lucas. In my free time you can find me hanging out with my friends, journaling, listening to music, shopping, or painting. I also recently have developed a new love for photography. My dream college is Penn State, and I am doing everything in my power to get there! I plan on attending the nursing program there just like my mother did. I’m looking forward to keeping you updated on the school news this year. Cya! :)

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