Holiday break coming soon


Haylee Lewis, Guest Writer

The holiday season is here which means the holiday break is coming up. Dec. 23 is the start of the holiday break which will last up until Jan. 3. This year’s holiday season is definitely going to be a little different but hopefully still fun for all.

Starting Dec. 23 is the holiday break for the Altoona Area School District. Students and teachers are excited. They will finally be getting a break from virtual school. This holiday season is definitely going to be different.. 

A few students are excited about the break.

“I’m mostly excited to sleep in and get a break from doing work, I’ll probably just relax and watch a show on Netflix,” freshman Brynn Duclos said. 

“I’m excited for holiday break because we don’t have school, and I get to see and hang out with my family,” sophomore cyber student Arianna Lewis said.