McDonald tells her tale of twirling talent

Jaynie Estlow, Guest Writer

When freshman Addisen McDonald was younger, twirling was one thing that she felt at home with. McDonald began twirling baton when she was only six or seven years old but started twirling with a team [Show Twirlers] when she was seven years old. She started the Show Twirlers because she loves the feeling of enjoyment after leaving the floor.

McDonald does baton more for fun rather than only a serious commitment.

“I put hours into the gym to put a good routine out on the floor, and I honestly do it for that. Whether it’s in team or individually, I love being able to come off the floor and feel accomplished. That feeling is the reason I keep doing it,” McDonald said.

A couple of girls on McDonald’s team inspired her to join a college majorette squad.

“It all depends on where you want baton to take you, but practice is the only way that you can achieve the goals you have in baton. It can be hard, but if you have the commitment to stay with it then you’ll be just fine,” McDonald said.

Though she does baton as a commitment, she enjoys it because she doesn’t do it all alone.

“My teammates are the most enjoyable part of twirling. If it wasn’t for them none of it would be as enjoyable. Of course I love baton, but without someone to help you along the way or push you to be better, you would never be challenged. Being able to be with them is one of my favorite parts of the long practice weekends. Coming off the floor with them at nationals, and being able to say ‘we just did that’ is what I hope for every season with them,” McDonald said.

McDonald realized that she really liked twirling and that this was something that she wanted to succeed in.

“My mom put me in dance and I did not like it, but her best friend who is like my aunt bought me a baton for Christmas. I started marching around the house, so my mom thought that now she had to put me in it,” McDonald said.

Although McDonald’s heart is dedicated to twirling, she also does other activities such as yearbook.