No more foreign languages


Alli Little

Sophmore Samantha Hopkins appreciates her learning. She was completing a worksheet.

Dear Editor,

Learning a foreign language in school is a complete waste of time and resources. It is not needed and is an outdated practice that holds a lot less weight than it used to in the past. 

There are many free ways to learn any language someone may want to learn that provide more time than the dedicated 42 minutes. As well there is a larger selection of languages outside of the school for a person to choose from. There are dozens of books and online resources someone can use to learn these languages for as long as they want. Another option is if they don’t care to spend too much they can find someone to teach them for what would still be longer than a class period. 

The requirement for taking a language class is no longer in effect. For a few years now the requirement has been lifted unlike when I first started high school. Colleges do like when you have taken a language class in high school, but it is no longer a requirement or something that will decide if you get in or not. It made sense in the past, but now loses that senseability. 

Many resources are being wasted on pointless foreign language courses. The school could have teachers teaching new electives that would better the students and prepare them for their future or simply just bring new topics to the school that aren’t yet covered. This could help students get accustomed to new things, develop a desired career in that topic, or help students who are already interested better their skills and knowledge. 

Every year the school wastes money on pointless classes that take up space and other school resources. That course then teaches students nothing of high importance and is wasting the time of the students who believe they must take the class because that is what they used to be told. Anyone who does enjoy taking a foreign language course has the ability to do so outside of the school.


Mason Dale