Stop bathroom destruction


Abigail Rudy

Out of order. The men’s bathroom is not being used by anyone right now. The bathroom is now open on the second floor of the b-building. “The thermostat wires were torn out. There were exposed wires. It was closed for a safety reason,” Dibert said.

Dear editor, 

For some odd reason there are high school kids who think it’s funny to destroy the school’s bathrooms and cause other destruction. I mean seriously what are we in third grade? These are students in ninth through twelfth  grade who can’t act their own ages. 

As I’m sure many students can agree ,it is annoying when half the time there are bathrooms being locked because students don’t know how to behave themselves. There have been many occasions  where I’ve seen sinks being broken and messed with along with paper towels scattered all over the bathroom everywhere. There is no excuse for that. What is the point in destroying things like that? There isn’t one. These are things elementary school kids do. It is unacceptable behavior and apparently we’re going to need to be babysat to use the bathroom with hall monitors. 

This is mainly an issue with the guys’ bathrooms. And it’s nothing new. We had to have every student come to the auditorium to be addressed by Mr.  Neely about this and still it hasn’t been resolved. It is highly inconvenient when a student can’t use the nearest bathroom due to it being out of order and has to walk even further away to find one that is not locked. The bathroom is used to do your business, wash your hands and leave, not sit in there for 15 minutes goofing off  and doing whatever other childish things they can think of. I hope to see improvements with this issue very soon,


Izayah Little