Music necessary


Bryana Ayala

Gavin Harkins relaxes and listens to music before performing.

Dear Mt Lion Echo Staff, 

Students should have the right to listen to music and videos on their Chromebooks during free time because students work very hard each day to get all their work done. They show a lot of respect to the students and fellow teachers in the building. Allowing us to listen to music can help give good focus to get our work done on time in school. Music can also help students get their work done depending on what music they are listening to. A calm song can keep students focused and not get stressed when it comes to doing work because they should make sure not to choose a song that’s too peaceful or too loud. So choosing the right music is important when wanting to listen to it when getting work done. 

Also listening to music through headphones or earbuds can block out noise other students are making while others are trying to work. So if you find your fellow students are distracting you from working,  you can put them on and block out their noise and listen to your own calm music while you work. So if you feel like students are more distracting than helpful when it comes to getting work done,  music is the answer to get our work done. 

Now you may ask me how is music the key to distractions? It’s the key because music is a calm and relaxing source to listen to when you feel like you’re always being distracted by the loud noises around you in school and the only way to stop it is to wear headphones/earbuds to block out those noisy sounds and replace it with something calm and soothing. 

So in conclusion,  students should have the right to listen to music in their free time when they get all of their work done.


 Ethan Wertz