Phones not needed by students


Lillian Roberts

Lamar Franklin hides his phone behind his Chromebook. Chemistry teacher Teresa Rubine would never allow a cell phone in class according to school policy but allowed this photo.

Dear editor, 

Although it would be nice to have a phone on me in class, that’s a bad idea. 

Students will not pay attention when they can have access to a phone. Imagine this.  A teacher is teaching and two students, instead of paying attention, pull out their phones to text their friends who didn’t go to school that day or the friend in a different classroom. Now they don’t know what to do for the next assignment, so they get a 0 and don’t get to learn anything. 

That’s just one of many things that will happen if school lets students use phones during class. The only technology we need is the Chromebook during school hours for school work or free time when you’re done with your assignment. 

Yes, emergencies happen, but people outside of school can just contact the main office, and they can call the student down and tell them the emergency instead of calling them on their phone in class and making a scene and disrupting class. 

You say there’s not a lot of freedom, but what freedom do we really need? You go into class and have to do any assignment, and if you are done, there is still your Chromebook to maybe make up an assignment for a different class or if you’re caught up with everything you can play a game or watch Youtube or even socialize with your friends. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure everybody would love to have their phones on them, but that’s just giving them something to pass the time by instead of doing work. 


Cameron Parris