Letter to the Editor: Dress Code


Bryana Ayala

Laid back and relaxed. A students lounges in the student commons area to complete homework. Some have debated on whether or not pajamas should be allowed at school.

Dear Mountain Lion Echo Staff,

I think we should really consider looking into dress code. In my opinion the school needs to revisit things in the dress code. We should be able to wear pajama pants that don’t have holes because they actually fit that part of the dress code. The pants don’t have holes and cover your skin. Which brings me to jeans, half of the jeans now are ripped. Allowing us to wear ripped jeans allows us to feel comfortable in the clothes we picked out as long as the rips are not too high. The crop top rule should be changed too, if it shows your belly button or half of your belly button it should be okay. Obviously it can’t be by the chest but near the belly button or a little bit above it should be okay to wear. Shorts should also be okay to wear if they are a little above the knee. I understand  below the knee maybe 20 years ago,  but for girls that’s not really the style anymore. I think they should be a little past the knee but  obviously not too high. 

  Also, I think baggy clothes should be okay to wear. What if the kids are insecure about their body? We want kids to be comfortable coming to school, not uncomfortable. I just think we need to settle down on the dress code a little bit. Maybe by relaxing the dress code students could be a little bit more comfortable and relaxed and principals and teachers wouldn’t have to worry about disciplining as many students. Often parents buy these clothes because they are in style, sometimes not realizing it’s a violation. Sometimes parents have to buy in and out of school clothes, wasting parents’ money buying extra clothes and clothes are not cheap. 

At the end of the day, these are the clothes that you chose to express yourself. We should really take this into consideration, and change the dress code so that we can focus on learning instead of dressing.


Paige Kilcoyne