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Nina Cipriani
My name is Nina Cipriani, and I am a senior at AAHS. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and watching Netflix when school and work are not occupying all of my time. I am very Italian, so I love pasta and pizza. Although I am Italian, my favorite food has to be Chinese, specifically General Tso’s and chicken lo mein. For anyone that already knows me, I have an unhealthy obsession with coffee. Sometimes it goes so far as me having withdrawal symptoms. I also have a slight obsession with music. I don’t think I would be able to live without music or more importantly Spotify. As for my plans after high school, I hope one day to become a journalist for the New York Times. I’ve always loved the city- specifically New York City- so I really want to move there. I’ve also always wanted to be a journalist, and hopefully one day I achieve my goals. If I do not become a journalist, I will be an English teacher. I feel like I am good at helping others, and I do fairly well with English and grammar, so I think education would be my backup career.

Nina Cipriani, Editor in Chief

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Nina Cipriani